Skafars Neon Wax
Skafars Neon Wax
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Skafars Neon Wax

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This fluo colored wax indicator wax allows you to quickly create a simple and very easy-to-see indicator on your nymph leader! Apply this neon wax on the line  where you want to create a contrastingly colored indicator. This original wax is ready for use in practical lipstick style dispenser ready to apply from the tube as required.

With this wax you can easily and quickly change the ;ocation of your sighter on your nymphing leader on changing conditions, and a great rnage of colours allows for visible indicators in any light condition. After applying the wax to a stretched leader, simply dip the waxed leader into the cool rover water to set it in place..

You can easily wipe the indicator off when not required using a cloth or make up wipe and if you need it again, simply apply it again on your nymph leader!

Tips for using individual colors:

Black - Color suitable for cross-section in multi-color indicator or striped indicators.
Fluo Red, Pink & Orange - Excellent color for creating indicators on bright sunny days when other colors are poorly visible.
Fluo Yellow, Green & White - Great color to create indicators in dark and cloudy days. It contrasts with the dark surroundings.

Made in Slovenia