Our vision at Meander Fly Co is simple:

To equip you for adventure

Adventure takes many forms. For us, adventure starts with a fly rod in hand and a river ahead. We know what we are- fly fishing addicts who can never seem to get enough. We also know what we're not- we’re not a fishing megastore- we’re passionate everyday anglers who want to ensure the quality time we get on the river is matched by quality gear, and we want to share this passion with you. You won’t find gear that’s mass produced or mainstream- just beautiful equipment, tried and tested by some of the world’s best anglers so you can enjoy every moment on every water.

Our aim is to create an online community of like-minded fly fishers, be they keen competition anglers or weekend warriors. Fly fishing is a gift that takes us to some of the most beautiful places on the planet and helps us to forge some of the most memorable moments of our lives, often in the company of great mates! As well as being an online store offering some of the world’s best fly gear to fisherman down under, we aim to create a space for anglers to share their passion with regular blogs, videos, podcasts and news to help share the adventures of life’s meandering journey. We hope you enjoy being part of this community, that you are inspired to get out there and if needed, know that through Meander Fly Co, you can acquire some quality gear to help you enjoy your quality time on the water.

Tight Lines,

Ben & Steve