Champion Flies Nymph Box
Champion Flies Nymph Box
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Champion Flies Nymph Box

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Meander Fly Co are proud to partner with Champion Flies to bring you some quality fly options for a range of freshwater scenarios. Not just a gimmick, Champion Flies are tied by true fly fishing champions; Jan from the Czech Republic Youth World Champion Team of 2019 and Ollie, the New Zealand Open River Champion of 2021.

Hand tied with quality materials using Hanak hooks and beads, they contain some of the very best competiton flies that have been tried and tested by the best comp anglers the world over.

The nymph box includes 30 flies with three each of the following:

  • Chenille worm - helped the Czech youth team win the world champs in 2019 and great for when the river is dirty or when the fish are just hungry for something big and bright like a worm
  • Orange tag - heavy attractor fly - great for catching rainbows around the world and an essential fly for competitions
  • Pink tag - great fly with a more natural bead and CDC for movement
  • Green tag - one of Jan’s favourites which he used to win a session at the youth worlds
  • Thread fly - Ollie’s favourite pattern for all rivers - the pink rib is a great attractor
  • Black nymph - one of Jan’s favourites that he and his Father created
  • Venom fly (syrupchik) - blue rib and red hotspot fly that is great. Ollie especially likes it for rainbows
  • Pheasant tail - famous fly pattern that works everywhere really well. Works great with the pink hotspot behind the bead
  • Two Czech style nymphs that represent caddis. Can be good if fish get scared of flashy beads and is a classic Czech styled pattern

All in a slim fly box so it will pack down nicely in your vest. Great value for hand tied, quality flies.

Please note discount codes can not be redeemed on Champion Flies products.